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Wishing the 2023 Annual Meeting organized by the Rubber Roller Group in USA success

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Dear Customers of Jinan Power Roller Equipment,

Greetings! In this season of blooming flowers, we are thrilled and proud to announce that Jinan Power Roller Equipment Co., Ltd. is going to attend the annual meeting organized by the Rubber Roller Group in USA, striving to win more respect and market share for the Chinese manufacturing industry on the international stage.

At present, facing the pressure and uncertainty of the external environment, we persist in going against the tide and bravely climb the peak of technology, constantly innovating and improving product quality and service level. This time, we will uphold the concept of learning, communication, and cooperation, together with the world's leading rubber roller companies, explore the development trend and technological innovation of the industry, and contribute to enhancing the competitiveness of the Chinese manufacturing industry in the international market.

As an important partner of Jinan Power, your support and trust have always been the driving force and source of our progress. We will not let you down. Through this trip to the United States, we will further deepen our cooperation relationship with you, understand your needs and expectations in-depth, and provide you with more high-quality products and thoughtful services. We will do our best to make you satisfied and at ease in using Jinan Strong's rubber roller equipment.

The United States is one of our main international markets. This time, we will appear with a newer and more confident attitude, demonstrating that Jinan Power is an outstanding representative of the Chinese manufacturing industry. We firmly believe that with our excellent technological strength, rigorous quality management, and high-quality customer service, we will win more customers' trust and support, and promote the Chinese manufacturing industry to achieve more brilliant performance in the international market.

Once again, thank you for your attention and support to Jinan Power. We look forward to meeting you in the United States and in China, exploring cooperation opportunities and creating a better future together!

Thank you!

Jinan Power Roller Equipment Co., Ltd.