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Mixing of mixers

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The plasticized rubber and various compounding agents are put into the high-temperature and high-pressure mixing chamber, and after a short period of kneading, dispersing and mixing, the rubber required for the process can be obtained.

The plasticized rubber and various compounding agents are put into the high-temperature and high-pressure mixing chamber, and after a short period of kneading, dispersing and mixing, the rubber required for the process can be obtained.

The mixing process is: lift the upper bolt→ feed→ lower the upper bolt→ pressure stirring → at the end of mixing→ pull the lower upper bolt → turn over→ discharge → turn → close the lower upper bolt.

The advantages are:

(1) Short mixing time, high production efficiency, good quality of compounding rubber; (2) Large filling volume, high degree of automation of stirring and other operations, low labor intensity, and convenient operation; (3) The amount of compound diffusion is small, the pollution is small, and the workplace is hygienic.

The disadvantages are:

(1) The heat dissipation of the mixer is slow, the mixing temperature is difficult to accurately control, the temperature-sensitive rubber is easy to scorch when mixing, and the cooling water consumption is large; (2) The shape of the compound rubber is irregular and needs to be compressed. (3) Mixer mixing is not suitable for mixing light-colored rubber, special rubber, rubber with frequent variety, and temperature-sensitive rubber.

Process method of mixer mixing

The mixing process methods of mixer include primary mixing method, secondary I-kun mixing method, priming method and inverting method.

(1) Working stage of mixer mixing: The mixer is divided into three stages: wetting, dispersing and kneading.

(2) The BIT value plays a dominant role in the mixing process of the mixer, wetting and dispersing. In production, the mixing performance of the compound is often measured by the time it takes for the compound to be evenly dispersed by the compound. Generally, the tempering time-second power peak on the power diagram is used as the end time of the dispersion, which is called the BIT value of the carbon black mixing time. The smaller the BIT value, the better the mixing performance of the compound, that is, the easier it is to mix.

(3) Cooling and shutdown

A. Cooling is to avoid scorching and mutual bonding caused by excessive temperature of the compound. Generally, forced cooling to below 35 °C.

B. Parking can relax the stress of rubber molecules and reduce shrinkage. The compound can also be continuously dispersed, and carbon black can be further combined with rubber to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the compound.

The rapid detection and control of the mixer and the quality of the rubber material are one of the key links in the production of rubber products. Rapid inspection is a rapid quality inspection of rubber materials. The rapid inspection method is to take samples in the front, middle and back of each car after mixing the rubber material to determine its plasticity, vulcanization characteristics, hardness, tensile strength, tensile strength and tensile strength. Elongation at break, fracture deformation, density, etc., and compare the measurement results with the specified standard values to determine whether the quality meets the requirements.

Uses of mixers

It is mainly used for plastic and mixing of rubber. It has one more mixing chamber than an open mixer. After the raw rubber and the compound are loaded into the mixing chamber from the feeding hopper, the material door is closed, the upper top bolt of the pressing device is pressed down, and the two rotors in the mixing chamber rotate in opposite directions at different or the same speed. The loaded rubber is constantly stirred, folded and strongly kneaded between the rotor and between the rotor and the mixing chamber, resulting in oxidation chain breakage and increasing plasticity. At the same time, the rubber material is dispersed and evenly mixed due to the shearing action, so as to achieve the purpose of rubber refining. Over the past hundred years, closed rubber mixers have developed rapidly in the rubber industry. Later, closed mixers with other forms of rotors appeared. The rubber mixing cycle of modern closed rubber mixer is 2.5~3 minutes, and the capacity of the mixing chamber is as high as 650 liters.

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