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Rubber Roller Covering Machine

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Rubber Roller Covering Machine



The Rubber Roller covering machine is a processing equipment for printing  Rubber Rollers, paper rubber rollers, textile rubber rollers, printing and dyeing rubber rollers, steel rubber rollers, etc. Mainly used for rubber roll covering forming equipment. It mainly solves the traditional quality shortcomings in the production process of rubber rollers, such as: rubber roller delaminating, degumming, lumps, bubbles, high labor intensity, high production cost, low output, etc. The rubber roller covering machine is used for winding and forming without bubbles, No blisters, high flatness, fast efficiency, and manpower saving.

It is one of the ideal machines and equipment for rubber roller enterprises. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the machine and equipment itself during normal use, and ensure that the work surface and other parts of the work surface should be cleaned in time after work. Add oil, wipe clean, do one moisturizing and two clean.

In the classification of the machinery industry, the rubber roller forming covering machine is regarded as a rubber forming machine. It is a mechanical equipment dedicated to the rubber roller forming during the rubber roller processing process. It provides a strong equipment guarantee for the rubber roller factory to produce and process the rubber roller. Jinan Power Roller equipment Co.,Ltd specializes in the research and development and production of this equipment. You are welcome to inquire about the rubber roller forming and winding machine equipment.

1. Rubber roller forming process

Before the rubber roller is formed, it is necessary to carry out a very important link, which is the encapsulation winding. By wrapping the rubber material (rubber or polyurethane) on the surface of the processed roller core to achieve the expected design thickness and hardness, so that after the late rubber roller is formed, there is no pores, degumming, etc., all of which need to be wound on the hose Special requirements for the forming process. Every rubber roller factory is required to face this link. In the past, manual rubber coating was used, but now it can be completed by a new rubber roller automatic covering machine.

2. Rubber roller forming covering machine

In the industry, the wide application of PTM series rubber roll forming and covering machine itself explains its quality and maturity. As a high-end product that has been used for a long time, domestic and foreign customers and friends still tend to choose brands with stable quality and advanced technology. Cooperate directly with manufacturers. Because the later after-sales and adjustment of the machine will last for a long time, if a new manufacturer is unable to provide perfect and lasting service. Jinan Power Roller equipment Co.,Ltd has been operating this product for more than 23 years, and has accumulated a wealth of cases and technical reserves, which can guarantee your life-long equipment maintenance support.